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Sircular is a collaborative startup ecosystem where finding the perfect fit between investor and startup is as easy as connecting the dots.

It all starts with a perfect match



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Fun as in Funding

As an entrepreneur, you see opportunities where others cannot. With
dedication and passion, you are changing things for the better…

And you don't have a minute to waste.

That is why we make the path to your success easy yet exciting.

We would even call it fun..


A visionary requires enablers

The enablers of tomorrow: Investing with a greater purpose
Today's entrepreneurs are creating vital solutions for a brighter tomorrow but you know that already. That's why you're not just an investor, you're an enabler of tomorrow.


With Sircular's matchmaking services, you can take advantage of our data-driven information to connect to the perfect startup for your strengths. Skip all the ho-hum interviews and get right to the businesses that make sense for you!


The best of to worlds

Duplicate your impact. Gather information, book meetings and engage with a unique community of startups, investors and partners. Share data in your network and get analytics on engagement.

Let's bring the power of two worlds together!

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