What is Sircular?


Sircular is a collaborative ecosystem and a tool allowing accelerator, investors and startups to meet and build long-term relationships. 

Members of the network can seamlessly share data, get recommendations on who to match with, and get analytics on their relations with others.

Sircular democratises fundraising and makes it inclusive, efficient and rewarding!

How did it all start? 

We believe that many of the problems we face in our society will be solved with innovation coming from startups. The startup ecosystem is thrilling and gathers innovation, big visions for change together with smart and dynamic people. 

All aiming for a better tomorrow.  

Given how time critical it is for humanity to act on the challenges we face today, we couldn’t stand by as we watch so much time being spent on the wrong things. So we created Sircular, a network for people that give a shit, and a tool to do it efficiently.


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Our values

Long-term game
Everything we do is long-term.

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We continuously learn and are relentlessly curious.

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Our actions drive us forward. 

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