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The AI co-pilot for VCs

Smart, in-depth analysis of investment cases powered by AI.

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Sircular fetches, analyzes, and structures data on companies in your dealflow,

so you can focus on the important decisions.

G E T   1 0   H O U R S   B A C K ,   E V E R Y   W E E K


Gain speed

VCs spend over 30% of their time on researching information on companies in their dealflow.
Sircular automates that. In less than 5 minutes.


Deepen your analysis

Finding data from all corners of the web, Sircular finds the properties in founders and companies that make them stand out, including risk factors.
We gather the facts, so you can deepen your analysis.


Increase your fund returns

The speed gains we provide you with open up considerable time for making better investment decisions and creating more value for your portfolio companies.
Sircular is designed to support you in increasing your fund returns.

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